Core Functions of Regional Palliative Care Networks

    Publication date: 01 March 2015

    Investigation of the extent to which the regional palliative care networks (RPCN) meet the minimum requirements regarding the RPCN core functions.


    The study answers the following main and sub-questions:

    Main question

    To what extent do the 66 Regional Palliative Care Networks in the Netherlands meet the Minimum Requirements regarding the core functions of coordinating, informing, monitoring and facilitating palliative care in the regions?  


    1. How and to what extent are the core functions performed by the RPCN?
    2. What is the role of the network coordinator in the execution of the core functions?
    3. What are the barriers and facilitators in the execution of the core functions as experienced by RPCN?
    4. How do the RPCN perceive their own impact in the region and what factors influence the impact of a RPCN on regional development?
    5. What are the expectations of the RPCN concerning the supportive role of the Fibula foundation in pursuing the implementation of the minimum requirements?
    6. How do the RPCN meet the regional characteristics and needs (local colour) and how does this relate to the overarching National Palliative Care Programme?