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E-health and mental vitality

Serious gaming to prevent depression in young people with a low socio-economic status in Rotterdam
Publication date: 01 January 2015

This study aims to develop a serious game for the prevention of depression among young people aged thirteen to seventeen and with a low socio-economic status in Rotterdam.


First, preliminary research will be conducted in order to:

  1. Explore the required game content for a serious game for Rotterdam youths between the ages of thirteen to seventeen with low economic status and depressive symptoms (subclinical depression, depression); and
  2. explore how the - to be developed - serious game can be an integral part of the support of this group of young people.

A literature study, focus groups and research into existing prevention programmes, their mechanisms of change and their effectiveness, will provide insight into how mental vitality of these young people could be strengthened to reduce the (impact of) depressive symptoms. Additionally, a survey among different stakeholders in the field will be used to explore the context for successful implementation in youth care.

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