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Development of a hand disinfection feedback system

Publication date: 01 September 2013

Developing, implementing and evaluating a hand disinfection feedback system. The system is attached to the incubators of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Erasmus MC Sophia’s Children Hospital. The aim is to improve the observation and effectiveness of the employees’ hand hygiene f – and thereby improve the safety for premature children.


The stages in the design-focused research of the hand disinfection feedback system are:

  1. Development and design. What is an effective hand disinfection feedback system with regard to ergonomics, technical feasibility and available means, which can be applied at the NICU of the Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital? Essential in this methodology is that the final users – NICU nurses and physicians  – are continuously involved in the problem analysis and evaluation of design proposals. This is effectuated by interviewing and requesting feedback at demonstrations of test models and design proposals. In this way, the design originates in co-creation with the final users so that the chance of acceptance increases and the chance of resistance decreases.
  2. Testing the effect. Does a hand disinfection feedback system have a permanent positive effect on the hand hygiene compliance around the incubators (and does it decrease the number of bloodstream infections at the NICU)? A total of 22 hand disinfection feedback systems will be manufactured, 20 of which will be implemented at the NICU (2 spare).
  3. The evaluation of, and adjustments to, the design. Which design adjustments are needed based on the evaluation of ‘testing the effect’? The evaluation and design adjustments will be carried out in cooperation with students of various disciplines, in co-creation with the care professionals of the NICU.
  4. Implementation and dissemination. If a positive effect is demonstrated: what is needed for a final introduction of the system at the Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital, but also at NICUs in other hospitals?