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Development of a measuring tool for intraocular pressure

Publication date: 01 February 2015

Design-based research on an improved tool for home use to measure the pressure of intraocular fluid.


Glaucoma is a progressive disease whereby a permanent decay of vision occurs through damage of the optic nerve, as a result of an excessively high internal pressure of the intraocular fluid. Measuring and monitoring the intraocular pressure of patients at risk is essential for early identifying glaucoma, so that treatment can be started in time. The latest development is a measuring tool for (supervised) home use called Icare Home, which avoids time-consuming and expensive hospital visits.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences students were asked to answer the following questions:

  • How can the “home use” procedure for intraocular pressure measurements with the Icare Home be applied in the Netherlands?
  • How can the ergonomics, usability and comfort of the Icare Home be improved?

This project was conducted by 14 students from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences from various institutions (both from healthcare and engineering). The results were presented in Helsinki to the Icare company.