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Healing Environment

A healing environment for patients and healthcare professionals

Publication date: 01 September 2015

Commissioned by Dräger and Erasmus MC, students have conducted design-based research for the Healing Environment theme. The aim was to create a “healing environment” for patients and healthcare professionals.


The following three subjects concerning this theme were examined in the minor course Care Technology for the children’s intensive care units (ICU) of the Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital.

1. Stimuli

Research into (annoying) sounds and the ideal lighting condition in the ICU. Students placed sound and light sensors in the children’s ICU and measurements were carried out to establish the amount of sound and light during day and night at the various children's ICU units.

2. Environment/layout

Plans for the layout of the new single Neonatal ICUs in the context of a healing environment were designed.

3. Hygiene

In order to prevent unnecessary infections via control panels, the effects of bactericidal films or spray were investigated. To test the antibacterial activity of the above-mentioned products, bacterial cultures were created from these products in a laboratory.

The study was conducted by 9 students of the minor course Care Technology from various schools at RUAS (both from healthcare and engineering).