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Don't forget it

A tool for people with dementia to remember appointments

Publication date: 01 February 2015

The company “Don’t forget it!” (DFI) has asked Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to investigate how to improve their product “Don’t forget it”. DFI is a tool for early-stage dementia patients to remember appointments. The tool helps these patients to remember their appointments in an accessible way and is available on a digital picture frame and tablet. The aim of the project is to increase the number of users of the DFI tool.


The main conclusion was that it is important to provide customised options to the client so that the operating functions in the application can be adjusted to the client and the context. This can be achieved with, for example, decision schemes. In addition, several  improvements were provided: adding a sound signal/spoken text, linking other calendars to the application, choosing your own colour settings, a smaller DFI logo or remove it, more publicity at occupational therapists and GPs, and the expansion of the target group.