Self-management Documentation

    Publication date: 01 January 2017

    Exploring, adapting and implementing Self-Management Support tools in various nursing practices with chronic patients with diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.


    Project description

    A rise in patients with chronic diseases demands interprofessional, patient-centered care with nurses’ facilitation of patients’ self-management is a key component.


    The NURSE-CC (Nursing Research into Self-management and Empowerment in Chronic Care) research programme, which started a couple years ago, made clear that nurses and student nurses find it difficult to support patients’ self-management and often lack the necessary competencies. The ZM-doc (Self-Management Documentation) research programme explores how current self-management support tools can be further developed and implemented to support an open communication with patients in a structured manner. In addition to adaptation of the tool to individual patients’ needs, attention will be paid to systematic and transparent nursing documentation of self-management support.

    Target group

    The ZM-Doc research project includes chronic patients in hospital settings and patients and clients in home care, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.


    • The testing, adaptation, and small-scale implementation of self-management support tools for guided and open patient-nurse communication about patients’ needs, and collaborative goal setting in various care settings with chronic patients of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
    • Measuring the effects of using self-management support tools on (student) nurses’ self-management support competencies.
    • Measuring the effects of using self-management support tools on systematic and transparent nursing self-management support documentation.
    • The ultimate goal is to equip (student) nurses with adequate competencies to provide tailored self-management support, act as change agents, and practice evidence-based care.

    Connection to education

    The results will be implemented into the nursing curriculum of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and shared with collaborative partners in this project.