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Measuring EBP competences

EBP-knowledge and skills of students and teachers

Publication date: 01 January 2013

In the past few years, higher demands are being set on the knowledge of evidence-based practice (EBP) and research skills of higher vocational education students. Therefore, much attention is paid in education to the application and integration of evidence-based practices and the execution of (practice-based) research.

  • In may 2012-2013, the measurements were carried out among the 2nd and 4th year students and the teachers of Speech-Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy (see Neijenhuis & Verhoef, 2013). In 2013-2014 Nursing students and teachters were included (see Verhoef & Neijenhuis, 2014), and Physiotherapy and Midwifery will follow.
  • In the autumn of 2014 we started to perform the measurements among professionals, i.e. speech therapists. They took a refresher course in the field of EBP and completed the questionnaire (online) both before and after this training. The results of the measurements taken beforehand were compared with those for the students and teachers of the speech therapy programme and showed a great ‘gap’ between recently graduated and experienced speech therapists (Neijenhuis, Verhoef, Witkamp & Dekker-Van Doorn, 2015).