Evaluation of e-health modules

    Back complaints, lifestyle and injury prevention

    Publication date: 01 October 2013

    This project is an evaluation of three e-health modules: the care pathway supplementing regular physiotherapeutic care of back complaints, the lifestyle programme and the injury prevention study.


    The evaluation of the e-health modules is carried out on behalf of Preferred Care. Preferred Care is developing an e-health platform that supports clients and patients in the preventive or curative care pathways they follow in consultation with their physiotherapist.

    The e-health platform, within the care pathway, offers the client/patient daily structured and scheduled instructions, information, visual support for exercises, feedback on their own activities and communication possibilities with the therapist. These tools are used alongside and in addition to assistance in actual practice. The lifestyle programme is a programme that pays attention to moving, nutrition and behaviour with respect to overweight. The injury prevention survey is a (one-off) screening that evaluates the athlete’s weaknesses regarding their sport.

    The experiences of clients and physiotherapists are evaluated with regard to usability, added value, marketable value, barriers for application, and the possibilities for the improvement of the e-health modules.