Multidisciplinary Guideline for Aspecific CANS

    Publication date: 01 January 2009

    At the end of September 2012, administrative approval was given by all the organisations involved in the development of the multidisciplinary guideline for aspecific complaints of arm, neck and/or shoulder (CANS).


    Implementation of the guideline for aspecific CANS is expected to result in the following improvements compared to the current situation:

    • Better diagnosis of specific and - by exclusion - aspecific CANS.
    • Better (multidisciplinary) communication and cooperation between different care providers for patients with aspecific CANS.
    • Better information for care-providers and patients about effective treatments for people with aspecific CANS.
    • Patients receive univocal information about diagnostics, treatment and prevention.
    • Patients are better informed about decisions for diagnostics and treatment.
    • The key decisions and roles of the different care providers are presented with more clarity.