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E-Health applications within physiotherapy

A different ball game

Publication date: 01 September 2015

In the future, health-care users will communicate with their physiotherapists far more frequently through electronic tools . In this programme, the Research Centre of Innovations in Care aspires to make e-Health accessible to physiotherapy practices and their clients.



The use of e-Health within health care seems to contribute to better care. In short, e-Health is the use of new information and communication technologies, and primarily Internet technology, for the purpose of supporting or enhancing health and health care. E-Health can be used in a great many areas – not only to make care more accessible, effective and efficient, but also to improve information provision and clients' self-management. This will also give them better insight into their care processes. e-Health can also supplement and improve the communication between professionals and clients.

Still, little scientific research has been conducted into the application of e-Health in physiotherapy. That is why the Research Centre Innovations in Care is about to examine the possibilities of applying e-Health in physiotherapy, through which physiotherapists can work more efficiently and clients can deal with it more easily.

Project description

The project starts with an orientation stage, in which physiotherapists’ actual questions and needs in the area of e-Health are explored. A few focus group meetings are organised with physiotherapists who have gained, or are willing to gain experience with e-Health. The results of these focus group meetings will serve to further design this research project.

Assigned by an e-Health web platform supplier, students together will explore the user experiences of physiotherapists and their clients. In addition, an analysis of the characteristics of clients who should, or should not, be offered the e-Health application will be made.

Furthermore, a systematic review will be performed in which scientifically researched e-Health applications available in primary health care and their (potential) added value and effects will be mapped out.