Smart Industry

    'Rotterdam takes Smart Industry to practice'

    Publication date: 01 September 2015

    Smart ways to work efficiently, cheaper, and be more sustainable. That is what Smart Industry is all about. What does the Rotterdam manufacturing industry need in order to increase their growth success rate using Smart Industry?


    World-wide changes in the economic and technological field are taking place fast. In order to anticipate optimally, the metropolitan region of Rotterdam-The Hague is developing the Roadmap Next Economy. A plan describing the investments that need to be made in order to react to the newest developments. Smart Industry plays a really important role. The manufacturing industry will be ready for the future by continually renewing.

    The moving force behind the development of Smart Industry is far-reaching digitalisation and the role of networks for products, machines and people. Consider the self-thinking thermostat and the smart car, but also new (health) care concepts for seniors. New collaboration, production and earning opportunities arise for companies. Products, machines and robots communicating digitally with each other; self-directing factories; a custom-made product for every customer; new revenue models with information from the cloud, radical changes in the design process; fabrication and distribution. The world-wide industrial (digital) revolution offers opportunities and challenges for all business in all sectors.

    What does the Rotterdam manufacturing industry need in order to increase their growth success rate using Smart Industry?

    This research includes an overview of what the manufacturing industry needs in order to increase their innovation success rate, and consequently strengthen the Rotterdam economy. By interviewing sixteen Smart Industry ambassadors and Rotterdam manufacturers, we are determining what they need to succeed. The perspective of businesses and the role of the Municipality of Rotterdam are taken into consideration. This research is a collaboration between the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce, industry association FME and the Municipality of Rotterdam.