Resilience and entrepreneurship

    Obstacles and Challenges of Entrepreneurship

    Publication date: 01 January 2013

    Many people dream of being their own boss, but entrepreneurship also means obstacles and challenges. How do entrepreneurs cope, and where do they find the strength to persevere?


    Entrepreneurs are important to the Dutch economy. It is of great importance that they succeed in entrepreneurship. To be able to support hem in the best possible way the following organizations research the entrepreneurial community: The Regional Bureau of Entrepreneurs,  Erasmus University, and our research centre.

    In this monitor research project, entrepreneurs are taking part who are living their entrepreneurial dream. Is being your own boss really as great as they initially thought? What challenges do they face? And do they find the motivation and strength to continue?

    The purpose of the research is to map the responses and experiences. In this way we can better coach the entrepreneur in a way that fits their situation exactly, and an improvement can be expected in their situation.

    PhD research ‘Obstacles and challenges of entrepreneurship’

    Part of this research project is the doctoral research of Jacqueline Jumelet on mental resilience of entrepreneurs.