Nudging for Better Performance

    Decision-making influenced by our environment

    Publication date: 01 January 2013

    Nudges are subconscious interventions that can positively affect behaviour. This project researches the effects of nudging by means of experiments. Among other things the project has shown the effects of nudges on study achievement and questionnaire responses.


    Subtle interventions (nudges) in people’s surroundings can influence their decision-making process. This project includes developing and testing the effectiveness of nudges in different situations.  


    A subproject is ‘Nudging the student’ in which diverse subtle interventions were tested in the educational environment of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

    In 2016 we have been working with Research Centre Innovations in Care to design nudges for patients of diabetes to help improve their life style.

    Currently we are working together with the Municipality of Rotterdam to design nudges that aid civil servants in attained their objectives at work. At the end of 2017 a study on the effect of nudges on students’ study success will be completed.