Marjolijn Schouten

    Researcher Heads Together

    Marjolijn Schouten is involved in the project Heads Together as a researcher. She also works at the Social Work programme, team years 3 and 4, profile Youth. She is a learn-work community teacher, educational developer and supervisor of bachelor's theses.

    Marjolijn Schouten started her career with the Social Pedagogical Care programme and then took a part-time combined study of Social Psychology and Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University (Bachelor's degree). During this study she worked as an interviewer and fieldworker on various research projects in relation to adoption problems, issues concerning socially vulnerable groups of people (such as homeless or addicts) and young people alcohol and drug prevention.

    Through an educational internship Marjolijn gained experience in 2005 as a teacher of research skills within the higher professional education Pedagogics programme. Since then she has been working as a teacher at the School of Social Work (ISO). In recent years, besides teaching and developing education, she has also fulfilled coordinating tasks such as internship coordination, minor youth coordination and coordination of the Honour Programme Pedagogics.

    After completing the master's specialisation in Metropolitan Issues and Policy at Erasmus University (2016), Marjolijn worked for three years in the master's programme Pedagogy as a lecturer and thesis supervisor. She has been involved in the Research Centre as a lecturer and researcher since 2018. She mainly focuses on the themes of inclusive education and student success.


    By Marjolijn Schouten