Jenny Denman

    PhD candidate English in preparatory secondary vocational education / CLIL at T-VMBO

    Jenny Denman is doing her PhD research on bilingual education in preparatory secondary vocational education.

    Jenny has been working at the School of Education, Study Programme English, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences since 2004. She studied German and music in Philadelphia and Vienna, and after working at Swarthmore College, The Dutch Opera and Elsevier Science, she followed first and second grade teacher training in Rotterdam and a Master's in English Language and Culture in Leiden.

    Her Dutch teaching experience includes primary, secondary and tertiary education. She worked as an author on the quarterly magazine Alquin (aimed at pupils in the last couple of years of secondary school) and the series New Interface 2nd edition for publisher Thieme Meulenhoff. She is also a Cambridge Examiner for the British Council and a permanent translator for Galerie Terra Delft. Besides teaching English, Jenny was also coordinator of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Minor in English Language and Culture at Leiden University, and module holder of the self-study programme CLIL: bilingual education in undergraduate education.

    PhD research
    This PhD research focuses on T-VMBO (preparatory secondary vocational education, theory programme), does T-VMBO ‘work’, which competences do T-VMBO teachers need to have, etc.


    By Jenny Denman