Mark Scheper

    Professor at the masters physical therapy and Data-Science and AI

    Mark Scheper is affiliated to the University of Applied Sciences as a professor at the masters physical therapy and Data-Science and AI. He is responsible for the research lines in the area of data-science and healthcare and pediatrics.

    He is the head of Data Supported Healthcare (transdisciplinary data-science unit, comprising of 5 PhD students) and is the lead research of the HR Datalab Healthcare within the center of expertise of healthcare innovation (IVG) and creating010 (CMI). His educational activities entail education on pediatrics, evidence based practise and advanced statistics/methodology, as well minor education on “Child development” and “Data-science and healthcare innovation”. Within the center of expertise he full-fills the role of data-scientist, statistician and methodologist. He supports several research groups ranging from pediatrics, compex pain, transitions in care, midwifery and dementia. he is a member of the Ethics and AI programme on behalf of the IVG dedicated to the responsible use of (data) technology within the whole of the University of Applied Sciences. Externally he is affiliated Macquarie University Sydney and Medical Delta (Livinglab Better Beyond).

    Prof. Dr. Mark Scheper is a licensed physical therapist with expertise in the area of pediatrics, rare diseases and clinical physical therapy (ICU and rehabilitation). He has a background as a professional athlete (martial arts) and was a trainer of several athletes in this discipline. Besides previous mentioned, he is a human clinical movement scientist trained at the Free University of Amsterdam, and has worked within the clinical gaitlab at the VUMC for several clinical studies. He completed his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in the area of rare diseases in children and has completed two postdocs (rare diseases, chronic disease in youth). During his postdoc he completed his training as a data-scientist, he founded the national center of expertise on Ehlers-Danlos in the ErasmusMC and Data Supported Healthcare. Data Supported Healthcare is dedicated at the responsible use of data-science for tackling complex societal issues in healthcare. As a result of this research group the HR Datalab Healthcare was founded, providing data-technological facilities for research. His research connects the University of applied sciences with the ErasmusMC and many international partners with special attention for Sydney Australia. Nationally he is a senior counsel member of the Dutch Society fo Physical Therapy and has a leading role in many (inter)national collaborations in several areas (EDSCONNECT, PREGNADIGIT, COLEAD, Prehab4all, Transitional care).

    Mark Scheper completed his PhD in 2019 at the University of Amsterdam, faculty of medicine in the area of Ehlers-Danlos, titled: “Hypermobility syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hypermobility type): Unravelling the concepts of disability during childhood.”


    By Mark Scheper