Jos Kox, RN, Msc

    PhD candidate SPRiNG

    Jos Kox is educated in the field of general nursing, psychiatric nursing and community mental health nursing. He also completed the Community Health Officer course at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences. Between 1995 and 2003 he worked for the Dutch and International Red Cross in war and conflict areas. In 2001 Jos obtained his Master’s degree in Community Health from the School for Tropical Medicine at the University of Liverpool. Since 2003 he has served as a lecturer in the Nursing bachelor’s programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. There he is involved in the supervision of graduate research and teaches information literacy, evidence-based practice and research skills.

    SPRiNG PhD research

    Jos is currently conducting PhD research in the Work and Health research programme of Research Centre Innovations in Care. His research is directed at measuring and monitoring the most important determinants of dropout due to physical workload among nursing students and newly graduated nurses. This will lead to interventions that can be used to prevent students from dropping out of nursing education and newly graduated nurses from leaving the profession. His research will investigate the effects of these interventions.


    By Jos Kox, RN, Msc


    By Jos Kox, RN, Msc