Hanny Groenewoud


    Hanny Groenewoud has been working at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences since 2005, where she started as a researcher at Research Centre Innovations in Care, focusing on the care for elderly people living at home with dementia and their informal carers. Since then, she has also combined her experience as a researcher with teaching by supervising fourth-year nursing students in their graduation research, among other things.

    Hanny studied Medicine at Utrecht University (1985-1992). After having worked as a company doctor for some years, she chose a job as researcher at the Institute for Social Healthcare of Erasmus MC (1995-2005). There she obtained her PhD in 2002 with research on euthanasia and other medical end-of-life decisions. Other research topics she was involved with were population screening for breast cancer and lazy eye screening in young children.

    At the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam, she is currently mainly active in education. Apart from supervising fourth-year students in their graduation research, she supervises first-year students in various VIA assignments (Nursing in Action) and third-year students in Care in Motion. She also gives 'Writing' courses to first-year VMH students (full-time mbo-hbo).

    As a researcher she is involved in the project 'SPRiNG - Strong Start in Care' and contributes to the analysis of the results and the writing of (scientific) publications.


    By Hanny Groenewoud