Research group Evidence-Based Care in Nursing

    of dr. Connie Dekker-van Doorn

    Evidence-based care professionalizes healthcare: it is patient-oriented, safe and effective. In addition to looking for scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the intervention - is the patient receiving the right kind of care? -the patient's needs and preferences, as well as professional expertise, are taken into account. Patient safety is one of the main themes of Connie Dekker's research. Is the patient receiving the right care, and how do you prevent errors in the care process? Connie's main focus is nursing interventions in relation to topics such as pain management, self-management and patient participation.

    In addition to the area of development of new nursing interventions and the scientific testing of existing ones, the method with which interventions are introduced and implemented will be explicitly examined. This is particularly important because there is much ongoing change in the orientation and organisation across the entire spectrum of healthcare, which introduces new risks. Although quality and safety are critical topics in healthcare, there is also much debate about rising healthcare costs. Research has shown that patients do not always recieve the right treatment, and that in some cases, over- or undertreatment occurs. Quality assurance is very topical.

    Research Programme

    The research group Evidence-Based Care in Nursing is part of the research programme 'Evidence-Based Care' of Research Centre Innovations in Care.


    AMC, Erasmus MCHanze University of Applied SciencesMedical DeltaVU University Amsterdam.

    "In my opinion, patient safety is always the top priority. It increases quality and decreases costs."

    dr. Connie Dekker-van Doorn Applied research professor Evidence-Based Care in Nursing