Research group Transitions in Care

    of dr. Jacomine de Lange

    According to Jacomine de Lange, the idea that dementia is a degenerative brain disorder that gradually impairs the patient mentally to the point of being unable to do anything should be rejected. Although suffering should not be downplayed, she claims that dementia does not mean the end for most people: you can still lead a good life.

    Jacomine de Lange studies the transition from being at home or in hospital to being in a nursing-home, person centred care, quality of life, dyadic multi component interventions for people with dementia and their informal carers, small-scale living, case management and integrated care for people with dementia, social inclusion and the application of technology in coping with dementia. She is also involved in more broad care for older people, mental healthcare and home care.

    Within the research group, the Academic Collaborative Centre for Dementia was created, in which practitioners, policy makers, researchers, teachers and students work together to enable better and integrated care for people with dementia and their informal carers in Capelle and Krimpen aan den IJssel (the Netherlands). Over 150 students have already participated in the centre. Practice-oriented research, promotion of expertise and the implementation of innovative interventions are the focus points of this collaborative centre.

    The research group delivers products that are immediately applicable in practice, such as the Guideline for Resistant Behaviour when eating and drinking for People with dementia, Guide for professional caregivers to support the transition from home to nursing home and the six lesson packages covering dementia for vocational education and continued training.

    Research Programme

    The research group Transitions in Care is part of the research programmes 'Self-management and Participation' and 'Integrated Care'.


    De Zellingen, Van Kleef Institute, Keten Dementie Capelle en Krimpen aan den IJssel, Albeda CollegeROC Zadkine, V&VN Dutch Nurses' Association, Faculty of Psychology and Education (University Amsterdam), Trimbos InstituteGENERO, Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Laurens, Aafje, Calibris, Careyn, Vierstroom, ActiVite & Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.

    "Dementia doesn't have to keep you from making friends, singing, enjoying good food and experiencing emotions."

    dr. Jacomine de Lange Applied research professor Transitions in Care