Research group Participation

    of dr. Chris Kuiper

    Participating in society is important for both the individual and society as a whole. Nonetheless, participation is not self-evident for everyone. A disability or chronic condition, the perception of other and physical obstacles in the environment can complicate participation. One way of contributing to more participation is to study what participation signifies to people with chronic conditions, what obstacles they face and how participation can be facilitated.

    In his function as applied research professor in Rotterdam, Chris Kuiper is predominantly concerned with supervising PhD students. In the narrative study Multivocality in Elderly Care (PhD candidate Monique Bussman), personal accounts of healthcare workers are used to find new ideas for solving problems with the labour market of elderly care. Creative Factory (PhD candidate Jeanette Nijkamp) studies the role of creative entrepreneurs in restructuring disadvantaged neighbourhoods, with a particular focus on the Afrikaanderbuurt in Rotterdam. Currently, Chris is participating in an Academic Collaborative Centre (with a focus on young people with autism spectrum disorders). The main purpose of this academic collaborative centre is to improve the knowledge transfer between practitioners, policy makers, researchers and the education sector.

    Research programme

    This research group is part of the research programme 'Self-Management and Participation' of Research Centre Innovations in Care.

    "Participating in society is important for both the individual and society as a whole."

    dr. Chris Kuiper Applied research professor Participation