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Tomasz Jaskiewicz

Professor Civic Prototyping

Tomasz Jaskiewicz is a lecturer at the Research Centre Creating010. Tomasz is active within the Civic Prototyping research theme. Tomasz conducts research into new applications, methods, tools, and processes to involve urbanites in digital innovation of their social and physical living environment. Tomasz has been active within the Creating010 Research Centre since 1 March 2021. Tomasz Jaskiewicz has a background in architecture and urban planning and has practical work experience developing experimental architecture projects, interactive installations, and digital design tools. Tomasz obtained his MSc degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning from TU Delft and from TU Gdansk. He obtained his doctorate at TU Delft, at the Faculty of Architecture, where he researched tools and methods for designing adaptive buildings. Since 2014, he has worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, where he has focused his research on Explorative Prototyping as a strategy for dealing with the complexity inherent in designing interactive environments. In parallel, he has also conducted substantive research into social practices within flexible office ecosystems and 'smart' urban contexts. His research touches on themes such as sustainability, behavioral change, participatory design, IoT, AI and big data. As a lecturer in Civic Prototyping, Tomasz focuses on involving urbanites in the design, transformation, and development of complex socio-technological ecosystems.