Jean Marie Buijs


    Climate change leads to an acceleration of sea level rise and the increase in extreme weather. Risk analysis provides insight into the probability of the occurrence of a threat and the consequences thereof. How we deal with this as a society leads to decisions in water management, spatial planning and crisis management.

    Not everything is makeable, so how can we still take steps forward in complex delta issues.

    With my business administrative background, I discuss the interdependence between systems and the joint learning processes of the parties involved. The aim is to strengthen the adaptive capacity of the delta regions with regard to these transition processes. The variety and dynamics in a region with land, sea and water appeal to me. This is how my passion for delta issues arose. I enjoy working in such an environment. Not everything is makeable, that certainly applies to deltas. I like talking to students about how we can take small steps forward in the delta with the aim of making it safer, more liveable, more environmentally sustainable and more economically attractive.

    I obtained my PhD in Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and focus primarily on water safety and climate adaptation. As a researcher/lecturer I study the way in which we as a society deal with these collective issues.