Gabriëlle Rossing


    My introduction to the students of HZ University of Applied Sciences was a relief. Everyone was so open and honest. This attitude invited me to demonstrate what I knew, but also what I did not know. The open view of students challenges me every day to keep searching for answers together with them. Of course, we differ in seniority, but we still engage in equal dialogue with each other.

    A flexible and constructive attitude is just as important as having fun and energy.

    I coach and guide students in developing the right attitude and skills to design complex change processes. In this way they reach broadly supported solutions together with stakeholders. I think a flexible and constructive attitude is just as important as energy and pleasure. It contributes to our aim to allow our students to develop into facilitators of change.

    I studied in Wageningen. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biological Production Sciences and a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences. My master put agriculture in a much broader perspective. I became interested in the impact of the entire production chain. At HZ I became, among other things, coordinator of the minor Becoming Fit for the Future. Students develop their investigative capacity in this minor. The knowledge I gained with this minor is used in the master’s programme.