1. The normal study load in a semester (2 blocks) is 30 ECTS. You have to take at least 24 ECTS in a semester with a maximum of 35 ECTS.
    2. You should select your courses together with your academic advisor at your home university and communicate them in time to our Centre of International Affairs or the International Business and Languages study abroad coordinator.
    3. It is important to have some prior knowledge of the fundamentals of specific subjects.
    4. Courses offered in the spring semester are taught in the third year of the International Business and Languages bachelor.
    5. You can only select one specialisation in the spring semester because all specialisations are scheduled at the same time.
    6. If an exchange student has prior knowledge of a certain language (German, French, or Spanish) we can offer language courses to exchange students. Please contact the International Business and Languages study abroad coordinator if you are interested in this.
    7. Electives are scheduled on Tuesdays (17.00 - 18.30 hrs and 18.40 – 20.20 hrs) and Thursdays (08.30 - 10.00 hrs). You can choose a maximum of three electives per block, but we recommend taking only two (one on Tuesday and one on Thursday). See separate Schedule for Electives. We cannot guarantee participation in electives; placement is organised on a first come first serve basis.
    8. Once assigned to your chosen subjects, you will not be allowed to alter your selection. Therefore, it is imperative to consider your options carefully.