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Dear exchange student,

Welcome to IBMS and we look forward having you as an exchange student next academic year 2018/2019.  Please be so kind to select the subjects you wish to register for within the programme on this page.

Read more information regarding registration on our website.

Registration subjects

Academic Calendar 2018/2019 (subject to change)

Introduction 27 Aug 31 August  
Quarter 1 3 Sept 16 Nov Fall 2018
Quarter 2 18 Nov 8 Febr Fall 2018
Quarter 3 11 Febr 26 Apr Spring 2019
Quarter 4 6 May 12 July Spring 2019

Classes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd  year are further divided in blocks: (specific block division dates will be announced later). You will be ready with your subjects after block 3 (Quarter 2)

Block 1 Fall 2018
Block 2 Fall 2018
Block 3 Fall 2018
Block 4 Spring 2019
Block 5 Spring 2019

Kind regards, 

Nathalie Barendswaard
Coordinator exchange programmes and Internships

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