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    You have this amazing business idea and you want to become a successful start-up entrepreneur. Are you looking for a summer course that will teach you everything you need to know? Stop looking! We will teach you step-by-step how to build and grow your start-up.

    Why join a Summer Course in Rotterdam? If you are interested in an international summer course and want to study in a vibrant city with students from different backgrounds and cultures, Rotterdam is the place to be! With its modern architecture, nightlife venues and with a range of food and beverage establishments to suit every taste, Rotterdam is the city for the young at heart. Moreover, publications such as  The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Lonely Planet have nominated Rotterdam as one of the world’s “must visit” destinations.

    The city has also been praised for its outstanding start-up culture. Recently, the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) opened its first local branch outside the US in Rotterdam. CIC’s new location in Rotterdam is a wonderful addition to the city’s existing facilities for start-ups, and confirms Rotterdam’s status as “the place to be”.

    Facts and figures

    The programme at a glance

    Programme structure

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    Four Challenges

    The programme is designed to accommodate the four challenges every start-up entrepreneur faces:

    • finding a “problem-solution fit”;
    • creating a “product-market fit”;
    • achieving a “business model fit”; and
    • realising an “investor fit”.

    The programme entails not only two weeks in Rotterdam’s start-up scene, but you will also have a full year’s access to the online start-up learning environment of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, and two online coaching sessions, once you are back home.

    The key component of the programme is innovating value propositions and business models through quick prototyping and rapid customer feedback.


    The programme has also been set up as an incubator. It provides you with:

    • comprehensive master classes to facilitate deep learning;
    • intensive training sessions to boost your entrepreneurial skills;
    • individual coaching to bolster your entrepreneurial poise and spirit and valuable connections to the Rotterdam start-up eco-system, such as the Incubator Academy Rotterdam, and the Cambridge Innovation Center.

    After your short course


    Students who successfully complete the summer course are awarded by an official certificate and transcript of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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