Help for Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian students and staff

    The war in Ukraine affects us all and especially Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian students and staff. You can count on our support from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

    If you are in need of financial help and/or you need legal and mental support due to the ongoing situation, please reach out to our Student Welfare Counsellors. They can support you in these difficult times and inform you about the RUAS Emergency Fund.

    Dinner invitation

    Are you a student or lecturer/staff coming from the Ukraine, Russia or Belarus (or have roots in one of these countries) and interested in connecting with others at this difficult time?  Then please join us for a dinner, hosted by Student Welfare and CoIA, where the focus will be on providing both practical informationand sharing experiences/challenges. We want to open up a discussion and a safe space to hold the conversation.

    When: Tuesday March 15th at 17:30

    Where: Postumalaan 120, 8th floor

    Cost: free

    There will be the opportunity to participate in both English and Dutch

    Please register here if you plan to come, as we need to know how much food to order.