Tatyana Todorova

    Senior Lecturer | Pre-Master | MSC


    I've worked at Rotterdam Business School (RBS) since September 2014 as a senior lecturer of Business Communication and Project Management. Prior to this, I was employed at INHolland Hogeschool as a lecturer, project expert, tutor, Coordinator for Exchange Students and a member of the Assessments Committee. 

    I hold BA degree in Business Administration (2005), MSc in (International) Public Administration from Leiden University (2011) and in 2021 received a PhD degree in Economics at VUZF University, Sofia. My dissertation studies focused on graduate entrepreneurial orientation, with a focus on aspects of enhancing entrepreneurship learning programmes. 

    In 2016, I have successfully obtained Prince2 Certificate in project management. Currently, my interests and strongest points are in the fields of effective (cross-cultural) business communication and project management in terms of planning, monitoring, implementation and complying with organisational strategies in business or public sectors.

    During my professional career, I was able to successfully contribute to a variety of projects as a contracting expert, e.g. Erasmus + projects for College of Europe in Brugge, Belgium; EU funded procurement and investment projects for governmental organisations and most recently, study project trips abroad, which are organised for IB Bachelor students.

    Research interests: (cross cultural) business communication,  project management, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship graduate education.