Marcel van den Berg

    Principal Lecturer | MCE


    Hi, my name is Marcel van den Berg and I'm one of the lecturers in the MCE programme. I teach the module 'Leading Transformation & Consulting'. I greatly enjoy working in the graduate department and am very proud to be part of the MCE Team!

    Next to my work at the business school, I have my own company providing training & consulting work for various clients.

    My Masters' Degree is in Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. I have worked in the financial sector, lived abroad for 4 years (Kenya and Mozambique) and have wide experience in working for both large and small private sector organisations as well as NGO's and non-profits.


    Fitness, kickboxing, running and cycling.

    Favorite food

    Anything with good meat in it

    Favorite series

    White Collar

    Favorite motto

    "It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone."