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I am a Bachelor | (pre)Master student

Welcome to Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences! You have registered yourself for a full degree Bachelor or Master programme. What’s next?

Are you ready? Let’s start!

At this time you have registered for a study programme.

What are all the things you must do next to get enrolled? And when are you officially enrolled in a study programme?

  • Submit your diploma
  • Intake interview

Do you need some help with your next steps?

What do you have to do?

Check your webmail

After you have submitted a request for enrolment via Studielink, you will receive your login details by e-mail within five working days. With these login details you can login to your webmail from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: Do not forget to regularly open your webmail to check for e-mails, otherwise you will miss important information about your enrolment request and the admission requirements.

Check the status of your application process at

You have received your log-in data for the network of RUAS. You can now read all about the admission requirements, of which there are quite a few. That’s why you can check at exactly which documents you must turn in, and what must get sorted before you can start. The admission requirements you must still meet, will be marked with a red X. The X will change to a green check mark (√) when you have met that requirement. Try and get everything turned to green ASAP! Note the applicable deadlines.

Are all your check marks green? You will then receive official confirmation of your enrolment.

Do the Study Programme Check

Of course, you want to be sure that your study programme is right for you. That’s why we apply a Study Programme Check. This check consists of a Study Programme interview with the study programme of your choice. It’s possible that your study programme requires additional activities. The content of the Study Programme Check depends on the study programme that you have registered for. At you can find out exactly what your Study Programme Check will include.

During the interview you will discuss: your study programme, motivation, and your personal circumstances. Come prepared!