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Sport clubs

Rotterdam possesses a great amount of infrastructure throughout the city dedicated to physical activities. Sports associations such as the Erasmus Sports are located on the Kralingse Campus (Erasmus Campus).

They have various gymnasiums, stadiums, fields and more dedicated to plenty different sports (Basketball, Tennis, Football, Rugby, Athletics, etc). Shared with the Erasmus University, the Erasmus sport is the student sport association of Rotterdam and subscribing to their membership cost 197 per year, giving you access to over 50 sports clubs.

A great deal of gyms such as Basic Fit, Fit-for-Free and more can be found all around the city, with decently priced monthly or yearly subscriptions and great facilities. Because of COVID-19, most gyms remain closed until further notice, but a few locations have been able to move their equipment outside allowing their members to work out again but only outside for now. Street workout and calisthenics parks can also be found in numerous locations around the city and are a very good solution to practicing a physical activity all while enjoying fresh air.