In Dutch a dentist is called a tandarts. For dental care in the Netherlands you will need to register with a dentist first.

    Some dentists may not accept new patients due to capacity limits, therefore do not wait until you encounter dental emergencies before searching for a dentist.

    How to find a dentist

    You can search for the nearest dentist on the website. The page is in Dutch, but on the top of the page you can change the language to English. Enter your postcode and then search for the closest dentist and contact them to find out if you can register as a patient at their practice.

    Emergency dental care

    Below you can find the contact details of an emergency dentist should you require urgent dental care:

    Dental365 Spoed Tandarts Rotterdam
    Address: Doctor Molewaterplein 30, 3015 GD, Rotterdam
    Telephone: 085 105 1760

    You have to pay them directly and they do not accept cash, only pin or credit card.