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    Your fellow students also provide us with feedback. The questions that are asked the most are shown below.

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    Most issues with logging in have been fixed. Should you still experience issues, please consult the tips below:

    1. Make sure you're using the latest version of the app My RUAS. Update your app through the store. .
    2. Check your default browser. Some browsers are known to cause problems, like Ecosia or Samsung browser. Unfortunately, we can't fix this within the app. These browsers don't fully support the safe way of logging in that My RUAS requires. See how you can setup Chrome as your default browser in Android
    3. In some edge cases, there can be a problem with your cookies. Delete your cookies and login again. See how to delete your cookies for Android or Safari.
    4. Please note that after activation of your account, you have to wait for at least 24 hours before you can use My RUAS. 
    5. Still not able to login? Send us a screenrecording through the form below. 

    That's correct. We do this intentionally, because in the statistics there are not a lot of people using an iPad. So by not developing for iPad, we save time for working on My RUAS. You can however use and pin it to your home screen (open in Safari, tap the Share icon (square with arrow pointing outwards) and tap Add to Home Screen). This webversion does scale correctly. 

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