Rotterdam International Case Competition

November 12-17, 2017

The Rotterdam Business School (part of Rotterdam University AS) will host the Rotterdam International Case Competition (RICC). An exciting competition between undergraduate student teams from 16 top-ranked business schools from different continents. They will present their business recommendations to a panel of expert judges from leading companies across Rotterdam. The competition will be held from November 12-17, 2017 in the global city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The competition will take place at the newly expanded Kralingse Zoom campus.


The Rotterdam Business School constantly tries to bridge the gap between academy and workplace. In the current global world success can only be achieved through innovation, in business as well as in education. In this context, the Rotterdam Business School wants to reach out to as many business managers and as many business students as possible. 

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About RICC 2017

About RICC 2017

As an international event that attracts top business students from around the world, RICC is a natural fit for companies or government agencies with an interest in supporting education, highlighting their international credentials, and connecting with top students.  For this reason companies are often willing to make a donation. But there is more …

RICC wants to connect to businesses in order to co-write case material. Real cases with real companies in real time. Furthermore, RICC depends strongly on Industry judges. These are entrepreneurs or practicing managers from the private, government, or not-for-profit sectors.  Some of these are alumni—sometimes even former case competitors—but may also come from organisations that are sponsoring the competition, local consulting firms, and other businesses.

Last but not least, RICC seeks well-motivated Business students who are willing to participate in an exciting international event, thus strengthening their business skills and improving their CVs in an unprecedented way. 

Sponsors & Cases

RICC wants to offer more than “just a tournament”: Teams composed of the best undergraduate students students in the world will help companies in the Rotterdam area to solve their “wicked problems”. New perspectives of young people across the globe can contribute to creative solutions which fit the so-called Next Economy.

Therefore, RICC cases will be relevant and challenging, and will cover a broad range of interdisciplinary business problems. Intense competition across sectors of our economy is forcing the introduction of ever newer technologies, while at the same time cooperation replaces pure self-interest. Recommendations of young and promising business students can therefore be of great value.

For this reason a vital part of sponsoring is making a contribution to cases which can be used in the competition. The Organising Committee seeks companies willing to provide input for cases and to cooperate in the matches of the RICC. Companies in the Rotterdam Area as protagonists in the RICC cases is the ultimate way of sponsoring.


Each match in RICC is judged by a panel of judges. Each panel should consist of 3 or 4 judges during the divisional (round-robin) and Quarter-Final matches, and 5 judges during the Final. Panels should include representatatives from both academia and industry to ensure that teams are assessed on both theoretical rigor and practical considerations

Judges should arrive at least two hours prior to the start of the presentations for which they are scheduled. This provides enough time for judges to find their way to the competition venue, and then attend the briefing session in advance of the case presentations.

Student Volunteers

If the Organising Committee is the brain that guides the planning and management of RICC, then the volunteers constitute the body that performs the tasks which make it a reality. Both are necessary for a successful competition.

Volunteers are usually students who support the sub-committees of the Organising Committee. They are either paid in credits (ects) or money (a small fee like at open door-days for the Rotterdam Business School). Students play a vital role, e.g. in Communications, in Logistics, in Social Activities and as Team Ambassadors (team buddies).

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Help us to profile Rotterdam as a city of entrepreneurship

Your contribution also helps to profile Rotterdam as a city of entrepreneurship. In time this means even more excellent students from home and abroad will come to study in Rotterdam. Furthermore, young educated people will choose this "entrepreneurial city" to live and work! For your company or organisation this means in both cases that you can tap into high-quality employees who epitomize the virtues of creative entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills.

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