Three Top Rated Study Programmes in the Keuzegids Masters 2019

    05 March 2019

    This year three of our Master study programmes have earned the title ‘Top Rated Study Programme’ in the Keuzegids Masters 2019: Fine Art, Educational Theory and Human & Organizational Behaviour. In total 17 Master study programmes of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have been assessed in the guide.

    Scores Master Study Programmes

    This year the Master study programme Fine Art again obtained the highest score of all our Master study programmes in the Keuzegids with no less than 94 points. This is the fifth year in a row that this study programme has been selected by the Keuzegids as a Top Rated Study programme.

    Study programmes that receive a score of at least 75 points, are awarded the title ‘Top Rated Study Programme’. Two programmes, i.e. the Master Educational Theory (76 points) and Human & Organizational Behaviour (78 points) have also received the Top Rated distinction this year. Ron Bormans, the Chairman of the Executive Board: “The fact that this year these study programmes scored well in the Keuzegids was to be expected due to a rise in the National Student Survey. That they are also a Top Rated Study Programme is the cherry on the cake; a fine accomplishment and worth a compliment for everyone closely involved with these study programmes.”

    A number of Master study programmes, namely in the sectors health care and economics were not listed as high. The results of the Master study programmes in the sector economics are somewhat erratic. Ron Bormans: “Frankly disappointing are the scores of the Master study programmes in the domain of health care. Again, considering the decline of NSE scores (spring 2018), these new scores are not surprising, but the confirmation of it has quite an impact.” Based on those NSE scores, improvement measures have been implemented: investment in lecturer teams, fine-tuning the profile of several study programmes and increased collaboration with the Research Centre Innovations in Care.

    The Masters Architecture and Urbanism catch the eye in a positive way because these study programmes have for years shown to be of constant quality, and their scores have been stable for years (this year respectively 70 and 74 points) in the Keuzegids Masters.

    Institutional Score

    The institutional score of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has fluctuated the past years. After a slight rise in 2018 (score of 58), the institutional score is back at the level of 2017 (55,5). A short comment is in place, according to Ron Bormans: “These type of lists must be put into perspective somewhat, because they are based on a certain algorithm. It is difficult to capture quality using a point system taking into consideration this number of respondents and the variation in study programmes. By the way, my opinion is unchanged in that respect. I voiced the same opinion when I received the Keuzegids Higher Education, in which we made substantial progress.”

    About the Keuzegids

    The Keuzegids Masters 2019 compares the quality of all officially registered Master Study Programmes at universities and universities of applied sciences. The content of the study programmes is compared per study field. Most of the Masters also receive a quality assessment based on student satisfaction and the recommendations of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). The Keuzegids Masters is published by the Centre for Higher Education Information. For more information, please consult the Keuzegids website.