Start Academic Year Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

    12 July 2019

    It is and shall remain an important subject: What will the labour market look like in the future and what are the consequences for education? A classic theme raising questions today. That is the topic for the event on Monday 2 September 2019 as we start a new academic year.

    Hugo de Jonge, Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, will present his views from a
    national perspective, as will Maurice Limmen, Chairman of the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, who will zoom in on higher professional education. Zakia Guernina, Executive Board member, will concentrate on the consequences for Rotterdam and our University of Applied Sciences.

    Managing for the dynamics of the labour market

    Professions and positions are changing  rapidly. Does this also mean that the content of education, and the necessary skills must keep pace? And if so, how can we seek the right balance in that increasing complexity? How can we prepare young people for a world that we do not yet know? And at the same time, there’s a quantitative aspect to the labour market: are we educating enough students at the right level and for the right professions?

    Huge questions in times of shortage on the labour market, new technologies that seem to both offer opportunity and pose threats, such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence. Should we mirror the dynamics, or maybe not? Is it possible to manage for the dynamics of the labour market? And finally, the following relevant question: how will all this affect the organisation of a university of applied sciences?

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Business School

    During the event Start of the Academic Year we will not only spend time on this important theme, but also mark the official start of the HR Business School.

    Presentation of the Bachelor Award and the Exceed Expectations Grant

    As we have come to expect during this event, we are presenting two student awards; the Bachelor Award and the Exceed Expectations Grant.