Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences takes action against students who are guilty of racism and anti-Semitism

    21 February 2020

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has been alerted by reports that students have shared offensive material and insulting texts within app groups. The university of applied sciences takes these reports very seriously and condemns the content of such texts. We will take action because the messages were shared in education-related app groups, either at our institution or at the Erasmus University.

    “We were severely shocked by the transgressive nature of the messages. For example, students shared photos and so-called memes that were racist, anti-Semitic and/or intimidating in nature. This behaviour is completely contrary to our norms and values, and will not be tolerated at our university of applied sciences”, according to Ron Bormans, Chairman of the Board.

    We must not accept

    “It is important to me that students at our educational institution feel free to call fellow students to account for such offensive behaviour. We must not accept this behavior within our education. If tackling this behaviour has no effect, then students can always report it, for example, to the study career coach, course director, or confidential counsellor. But also to me, or to our colleagues of the Integral Safety Team. Based on the cases that we are aware of, we have had firm discussions with the students involved and we are considering which measures to take. Among other things, definitely reporting to the police, and we are considering suspending the students.”