Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences hoists rainbow flag on Coming Out Day

    11 October 2019

    Finally, the time had come: the moment that lecturer René Huitema was able to hoist the new Rainbow Flag of his own design for Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. René performed the ceremony together with Ron Bormans, Chairman of the Executive Board. Despite the autumn weather, it turned to be cheerful affair.

    René Huitema's design was crowned the winner. His design 'Dynamic Identity' reflects the
    inclusive and unique character of our students and staff. The flag is so special because there are multiple flags, each with their own colour combination. You can see all these unique flags on all main locations such as Academieplein, Rochussenstraat, Museumpark, Wijnhaven/Blaak and Kralingse Zoom.

    René is proud of the result: "The large format flag is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Truly perfect. I am very happy that this organisation has made it all possible."

    The flag at Museumpark was raised by René himself. Of course, he had to get up on the roof of Museumpark, and so did Ron Bormans, Chairman of the Executive Board. Are you curious? Please watch our video.