Rotterdam is booming for international students

    International introduction 2019

    04 September 2019

    A new record is set! Last week we welcomed over 800 new international students during the international introduction days. Through this introduction, we hope to give all students a warm bath experience where the main goal is to finalise their registration as well as most importantly inviting them to make new friends.

    Cultural diversity

    We were very impressed with the number of students that showed up and the energy that they presented throughout these days. They were all very excited to start not only with the introduction and startweek but also to know more about their study programmes.

    It is so nice to be present in these activities which are organised from CoIA, starting from the beginning of August since some of us arrive here on the first week already and have no one to spend our time with. - Exchange student from Germany

    The students, who are joining us at the beginning of the semester are from over 85 nations, proving yet again that the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is an attractive study destination for people from all over the world! All these students will enroll in one of our full degree bachelor programmes, (pre-)/master programmes or one of our exchange programmes.The Center of International Affairs (CoIA) organised the programme in a way to assure that there is a perfect balance between having fun and making sure that each and every student is taking all the necessary steps to start their journey in Rotterdam. We find it really important that all international students feel welcome and save in the city.

    Boat party

    The last couple of weeks we already organised a few social activities (pizza party, picnic in the park) and trips to IKEA so students could buy stuff they need throughout their stay here as well as getting to know each other.

    On Saturday the final boat party took place where more than 550 International students boarded to celebrate the end of all the festivities. The trip throughout the Maas, the Rotterdam skyline, the old buildings as well as the port of Rotterdam were the main attractions the boat trip went through. In the upcoming week(s) we wish all our students good luck in their start of their study program at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.