Research Centre Business Innovation appoints three new professors

    25 June 2019

    Research Centre Business Innovation of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has appointed three new professors (lector): Jelle van Baardewijk, Walter Baets and Annie Yang.

    Jelle van Baardewijk has been appointed professor Business Ethics. The interest in this field is in line with setting high requirements for behaviour in the Netherlands, which is a societal trend. Examples of these higher requirements are increased intolerance for discrimination, ecological neglect and tax evasion.

    Walter Baets has been appointed professor Values Based Leadership. He will focus the manner in which SME entrepreneurs and managers can increase the use of their own norms and values in order to innovate their businesses. Development of economic activity is placed in a broader perspective: making choices based on moral assessments, striving for societal impact and organizing by making use of an open network.

    Annie Yang has been appointed professor Digital Business and will conduct research towards
    digitalization of the (Rotterdam) SMEs resulting in both opportunities and barriers. Digital developments radically change markets and competitive conditions. By digitisation of corporate processes, efficiency and flexibility of businesses is increased. Many entrepreneurs recognise opportunities, but do not know where to start seizing them. 

    Research Centre Business Innovation

    Fundamental current issues of our regional economy make up the basis of the research agenda of the Research Centre. The Roadmap Next Economy is one aspect of the agenda, another is the issue of SME businesses being able to make the transition to the new economy. Research is concentrated on three themes: Digital economy, Circular economy and Entrepreneurial economy.

    More about the three new professors and the Research Centre (in Dutch)