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Rotterdam emission-free:Transport, shops and Rotterdam Business School join forces

21 January 2021

Cornelissen Group, A.S. Watson Benelux and Rotterdam Business School are joining forces for the emission-free supply of stores in the Zero Emission Zone (ZES zone) in Rotterdam. With their Green Arrow research project, the three parties will jointly contribute to the goal of the municipality of Rotterdam: the introduction of Zero Emission Zones (ZES).

This is in line with the Dutch government's approach to achieving the goals of the Dutch climate agreement. From 2025, these zones will be introduced by 30 to 40 municipalities in the Netherlands, including Rotterdam. The Zero Emission City Logistics (ZES) covenant was signed in December by the municipality of Rotterdam and a large number of companies, institutions and educational institutes. The three partners in the Green Arrow project participate in this covenant.

The aim is to set up a good practice for Rotterdam that can also be used in other cities. That makes it an extra interesting research project for Rotterdam Business School to join. Pieter Verschoor is Research Lecturer Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and supervises the students who jointly conduct the research for A.S. Watson Benelux and Cornelissen Groep: “This is a good example of how practice-oriented higher education can contribute to the reality around us. Sustainability is an important theme for Rotterdam Business School and for many of our students. Last year our institution was awarded the 3-star qualification for sustainability, based on the international Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education (AISHE). Our students would like to contribute to a better world through their education. Due to the collaboration with A.S. Watson Benelux and Cornelissen Groep we give our students the opportunity to do that.”

Frederike de Groot is Project Coordinator Supply Chain Development of A.S. Watson Benelux associated with the project: “With more than 1400 stores in the Benelux, 39 of which are branches of well-known national drug stores in Rotterdam, we are at the heart of society. That is why we feel responsible to actively contribute to a healthy planet and liveable cities for our customers and colleagues. In the Green Arrow project, we will work with Cornelissen Group, supported by students from the Rotterdam Business School, to develop a roadmap for the emission-free stocking of our stores in Rotterdam.”

Iris Cornelissen is involved as Sales and Implementation Manager in the project on behalf of Cornelissen Group: “Together we have to respond to the accessibility and liveability of cities & all of us. Cornelissen is convinced that zero emissions is the new normal, based on cooperation in the chain. Collaboration in the area of ​​information sharing and making the logistics chain greener is central to this. With project Green Arrow, A.S. Watson Benelux and Cornelissen Groep, in collaboration with Rotterdam Business School, are creating a zero-emission roadmap that is scalable for all six zones in the Netherlands.”

Want to know more? Contact:
Pieter Verschoor, Research Lecturer Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Mobile: +316 111 241 24