Results National Student Survey 2021

    In this Covid-year students less satisfied, however, a fine appreciation for lecturers and student guidance

    29 June 2021

    Although it was a special year with a lot of distance education, the majority of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences students are satisfied to very satisfied with the education provided.

    This was revealed by the National Student Survey (NSE), the national survey in which tens of thousands of students voice their opinions about their studies each year.

    Our study programmes scored particularly high on education-related subjects such as the content of the study programme, general skills, assessment, and the lecturers. Compared to NSE 2018, students at RUAS are substantially more satisfied with the study guidance provided.

    Even though satisfaction with the study programmes in general, our so-called 'anchor point', has fallen, by 0.12 to 3.61, it is higher than the average satisfaction of students at the other large Randstad universities of applied sciences, those we always compare ourselves to. Moreover, the satisfaction of our students has decreased significantly less than the average of all other universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

    Chairman of the Executive Board, Ron Bormans: "I consider the results of this NSE to be a great compliment for our teachers and staff. It is very important how students feel about the education provided. We are very pleased to see that the efforts of our teachers, student guidance counsellors and other colleagues have not gone unnoticed by our students. Much work has been done to maintain our online education and to stay in touch with our students. The content of the education and especially the guidance that students have received are rated higher than in comparison year 2018 and stand out in terms of positive ratings. A very good result considering that this was mainly done via the computer. Also noteworthy are the improvements that have been achieved at our educational institutes CMI (School of Communication, Media, and Information Technology), IvG (School of Healthcare Studies), RBS (Rotterdam Business School) and RMI (Rotterdam Mainport Institute)". 

    Education on location the norm again next year

    The students at RUAS are, like all other students, less satisfied with the study facilities and the atmosphere than in 2018. "That is, given the difficult year we have had, also understandable. In my opinion, these figures reflect the situation of the past academic year well. Being able to be present at school and making use of our facilities is something that students have obviously missed. I also understand very well that the dynamics in the classroom and in the informal moments on location lead to a different experience than education in a Teams or Zoom environment. That is why teaching on location will be the norm again as of September, so that we can meet each other in real life as much as possible," according to Ron Bormans.

    Involvement and equal opportunities

    Involvement and contact are important issues for students. They rate the involvement and contact at RUAS as good: 3.8 (on a five-point scale). The extent to which students feel they are treated equally also scores positively (3.8). Students indicate that there is a safe climate at RUAS where everyone dares to express their opinion.

    Ron Bormans: "It is very pleasing and very important that students, on average, feel safe. Of course, every situation in which someone does not feel safe or is not treated equally is one too many. We are alert when we receive reports of unsafety. But on average, we seem to be able to create that safe working and studying environment in which equal treatment is the norm. Very important and something to cherish, to persevere with, and to continue to do our best for!

    Results Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

    The graph below shows the results of the NSE 2021 of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences compared to the results of the large Randstad universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. On the right-hand side, NSE 2021 is compared with NSE 2018.

    Graph: General scores (and theme score 'Involvement and contact') for Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the major Randstad universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences throughout the Netherlands, measured on a five-point scale.

    About the National Student Survey

    From 20 January to 14 March 2021, the National Student Survey (NSE) was conducted, the national survey in which tens of thousands of students give their opinion about their studies every year. Student satisfaction is an important pillar in the quality assurance of our education and provides valuable information for those choosing a study programme.

    The NSE is the responsibility of the Stichting Studiekeuze 123, an initiative of the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, NRTO, VSNU, association of universities in the Netherlands, and the student organisations LSVb and ISO, and therefore represents the entire higher education sector.

    This year, 32.2% of the students at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences completed the NSE, slightly below the set target of 33%.

    In 2019 and 2020, no NSE was conducted, as an entirely new questionnaire was developed during that time. The results of 2021 can therefore only be compared with the anchor point student satisfaction and several general questions from the NSE 2018.