Message for new RBS EU Master students

    Information for new RBS EU Master students

    17 December 2020

    If you are already in the process of moving to Rotterdam to start your Master program at Rotterdam Business School, we wish you good luck with your preparations. This message is not meant for you. If, on the other hand, you intend on joining RBS while remaining in your home country, we strongly advise you to continue reading this message.

    Although we presume that the social distancing rule of 1,5 meter will remain in place for at least the first months of 2021, we still expect to be able to offer a number of your classes offline. That is why we want to make clear that we expect all EU students to come to Rotterdam in time and join both our online and offline activities. The possibility to follow the RBS program 100% online is something we offer in principle only to non-EU students. This is because as long as consulates and embassies are operating at reduced capacity, it is not possible for most of them to obtain the visa they need to come to the Netherlands. So if you don’t need a visa to join your fellow students in Rotterdam, you are expected to be here when the program starts.

    Staying in your home country does not only mean you will miss out on international student life and making new friends. You will also not be part of the offline activities we will organise for you at our excellent Kralingse Zoom location. Activities that will mostly focus on socialising, coaching and collaboration, three important ingredients of study success. You also need to realise that not all exams will be online. Furthermore there is the risk of you having trouble to find housing, when you finally decide to come to Rotterdam after all. At the moment there is still a broad range of rooms available, but you can expect that to change fast in the next few months. You can check availability by sending an e-mail to For further information about entry requirements send an e-mail to

    We expect you to make the right decision and are looking forward to meeting you in our exciting city.

    Please be aware that this email is not a confirmation of enrolment or admission.