Offline introduction days will continue on a small scale

    Incoming international students can contact CoIA for information

    06 August 2020

    Today, the cabinet has called on colleges and universities to limit physical meetings during the introduction weeks for incoming students to informative meetings in small groups.

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences had already taken into account the strict guidelines when organizing the activities in the context of the introduction of new students. In the near future, the university will review the planned physical introduction activities.

    Health first

    Chairman of the Board, Ron Bormans of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences believes a warm welcome for the new students very important:

    “I am glad that the Prime Minister has not put a rigorous streak through this. Physical meetings play an important role in welcoming students personally and getting them to know each other. It goes without saying that the safety of students and employees remains paramount. We have prepared well for this and will continue to monitor it closely.”

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences will not be organizing events in the evenings with alcohol.

    At Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the introduction activities are provided by the study programs themselves. The vast majority of the program will already take place online. If adjustments to activities are required, the study programs will inform their students.

    Student associations/fraternities

    The introduction activities (including hazing) of general student associations have been cancelled by the cabinet. Hogeschool Rotterdam regrets that these associations cannot fulfil their role in introducing new students to student life this year.