Changes in our information resources

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    08 January 2024

    This page highlights recent changes in our portfolio of digital resources. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

    New & changed information resources | 09/2023

    renewed interface

    The website of has been renewed and now offers a more intuitive interface.

    Follow the Money | 08/2023

    radically independent investigative journalism

    Follow the Money is a platform for radically independent investigative journalism. FTM's goal is: truth-finding in service of society. On the Follow the Money website, you'll find in-depth articles about, healthcare, the housing market, politics, crime, fraud, youth care, the Port of Rotterdam, and much more.

    Through the library, you have free access to all articles on the FTM website. Use the link in the databases overview for this. Creating an account is not necessary.

    Knovel | 08/2023

    tools and reference materials for prospective engineers

    Are you studying at the EAS, RMI, or IGO institute? Are you a prospective engineer? Then Knovel is a relevant database for you! In Knovel, you will find tools and reference materials for engineers. Search, discover, and utilize chemical and material properties, formulas, and literature for chemistry, construction, automation, software, transportation, technology, processes, and more.

    Through the media library, you have free access to this database. Use the link in the database overview for this. You can optionally create an account on the Knovel website for things like storing your research queries.

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    Removed information resources


    Subscription terminated by publisher

    The medical publication "Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde" is no longer accessible via the library. This is because the publisher has decided to only offer single user subscriptions as of 2024.

    Inzicht Sociaal Domein

    Accessible until 1 January 2024

    Access to Kennisbank Inzicht Sociaal Domain will end on January 1st 2024.