Fred Feuerstake appointed Dean HR Business School

    17 June 2019

    The Executive Board has appointed Fred Feuerstake Dean HR Business School. Fred will start his new job position as of 1 September 2019.

    Through the formation of the Business School, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is able to offer economic education that can respond quicker to the dynamics of the professional field, and to the diversity of the (international) students. The goal is to increase the quality of education. A formal reorganisation was necessary for the formation (and desired decentralisation) of the Business School. In May 2018, Fred was appointed Dean with a special commission (kwartiermaker) of the HR Sciences Business School. His assignment was to prepare for the reorganisation and develop the necessary concrete plans.

    This reorganisation process will be completed this summer and as a result the HR Business School will officially be a fact as of 1 September 2019. The current institutes and their commercial, financial and management study programmes (COM, IBK and IFM) will merge and form the HR Business School. The International Business study programmes (RBS) will become part of the HR Business School within a term of four years.

    Within the new organisational model of the HR Business School, the network of collaborating study programme teams, in combination with new facilitation, comes first. The purpose is increasing the autonomy of the study programme teams, and strengthening the versatility of lecturers. At the same time, the Business School has provided the study programmes with a joint ambition and educational views. The exchange and sharing of knowledge between study programmes strengthens collaborating and allows joint development of new study programme elements. The result is that students will be even better prepared for a world in which interdisciplinary education is of great importance.