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Test confirms: facade panels C-building do not meet current fire safety standards

18 January 2018

The facade panels on the C-building of location Kralingse Zoom do not meet the current fire safety standards. This is the outcome of independent investigation of which Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences received the results on Wednesday. The C-building will remain closed until further notice. The school now considers the measures that have to be taken based on the test results. The international business programmes will stay at WTC Rotterdam for the coming months.

The test shows that the facade panels probably fall in category D according to current fire safety standards. The investigators use the word ‘probably’ as a so-called ‘indicative test’ has been done. It is clear, however, that even in a more extensive test, the facade panels will not be classified as category B which is the classification for external facade panels.

President of the Executive Board Ron Bormans: “The outcome confirms the concerns we already had last week and supports our decision to close the building as a safety measure. Even though the outcome is the same as last week, it still shocks me. More so because until the day of closure the building still housed hundreds of students and staff members. “

“In the coming weeks we will map out the measures to be taken. This requires careful deliberation. We will share the outcome with authorities involved and direct stakeholders. Also we will look into all possible repair scenarios.”

Indoor facade and other buildings meet fire safety standards

For the indoor facades of the C-building, in the main hall, fire safety classification D suffices. The reason for this is that, on the inside of our building, in accordance with regulations, there are more preventive measures. The other buildings of location Kralingse Zoom meet the fire safety standards.

Facilities in WTC Rotterdam

As the International Business programmes will remain located at WTC Rotterdam for the time being, all necessary facilities such as WiFi, office space, printers and coffee machines will be organised as soon as possible.