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Update: Education today in WTC Rotterdam instead of C-building Kralingse Zoom

14 January 2018

Students and lecturers of the International Business study programmes of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have resumed their education today in WTC Rotterdam. Throughout the weekend employees have made every effort to prepare the location for education. The first day in this temporary setting has gone well, the classes got underway mostly without problems.

Martijn Baarendse, Manager Real Estate & Housing: “After it became clear, last Thursday, that we would be able to make use of WTC Rotterdam as a temporary location, we had 72 hours to prepare the spaces for educational activities. We have succeeded thanks to the movers,
FIT colleagues, and colleagues from the study programmes concerned. We are content that the process has gone smoothly, allowing students and lecturers to be able to resume classes as scheduled.”

Precautionary closure of C-building of location Kralingse Zoom 

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences decided last week Wednesday evening to close the oldest building section (section C) of the Kralingse Zoom location precautionary. In response to the fire in the Grenfell Tower in London, the school had taken the initiative to investigate the fire safety of the facade covering of the school’s buildings. This investigation revealed doubt about the fire safety of the facade panels attached to the C-building of the Kralingse Zoom location. Based on these findings, the school commissioned an independent investigation.

The definitive report of the investigation is expected this Wednesday. Subsequently, it will be determined if and which measures will be necessary for the long term.